Sunday, August 15, 2010


Until I had a baby I loved Sundays to just kick back and relax, now I have a big calling (for the next three weeks, compassionate services leader), a baby, and a hungry husband.  We have church at 11:30 and Danny usually takes a nap at 12, but with church right smack dab in the middle he misses his afternoon nap and plays all through church.  Today he found the door jam in Relief Society and that kept him occupied for the next 15 minutes.  Good thing, he was so tired he didn't want me to hold him.  But I keep thinking about school, my audition, having more kids, the trailer, moving, waiting for the next three weeks to move, and I don't know what church was all about, I do know what was said in Sacrament, and sunday school, but don't ask me what was in Relief Society.  I found out yesterday that I need to audition to get into my piano lesson class and have been working and working to get 3-4 songs memorized for three weeks.  Come to remember I have a piano lesson tomorrow that I'm not prepared for at all!!  oops.....  I have also been looking at jobs and hoping that either I or Mark can get a job to help us out.  Crossing my fingers for a job and for a grant.  Yesterday I spent two or three hours pulling weeds in just one spot, I was beat by the end of the day and I still have the whole rest of the yard!  I was hoping it wouldn't take this long, but looks like it will take a good week to get everything pulled out!  sick, maybe I should take a before and after picture so ya'll can see.  :)

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